Nexus Inc. announces impending cryptocurrency multisignature wallet launch in space this week

Nexus Inc. announces impending cryptocurrency multisignature wallet launch in space this week

Nexus Inc., the world’s leading asset custodian company and the first and only space-based ethereum multisignature wallet solutions provider, announces its impending second cryptocurrency multisignature wallet launch in space this week.

This will be Nexus Inc.’s second SpaceX launch this month; the first being, the recent SpaceX delivery of the world’s first ethereum multisignature wallet onboard the International Space Station.

States Ryan ‘Martian’ Xu, Nexus Inc. co-founder and board member: “We are already embedding the fast-growing digital economy as part of our culture and work values. As a result, Nexus Inc. continues to entrench its brand as a vaunted provider of superior financial asset custodian services. We continue on a trajectory of enabling our clients ultra-secure cryptocurrency transactions against terrestrial fraud risks. Space is the new frontier for cutting-edge security installations and we commit to constantly looking to advance our deep tech capabilities worldwide.”

Domiciled with offices in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and Singapore, Nexus Inc.’s solutions are tethered to a combination of blockchain technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data to shore up cybersecurity and transactional privacy for its clients; as well as intercept and prevent fraud through proper financial security protocols.

Nexus Inc.’s roster of clients include Singapore digital asset trading platform, Australia’s liquidity provider Fantastech, China’s financial service provider Hyper ProXimity (HPX), Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore future-oriented blockchain crypto bank HyperBC, Saudi Arabia payment gateway HyperPay with offices in Dubai, Amman, Cairo and Bahrain, Malaysia investment firm Monspace, and Australia supply chain solutions provider Ucot.

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