FINNIX App Wins at Digital CX 2022, Aiming for Double Growth of Loan Portfolio

MONIX Co., Ltd., the developer of regulated lending app FINNIX, recently won Best Fintech For Digital CX – Personal Finance and Best CX Business Model awards from the Digital CX Awards 2022 organized by The Digital Banker. The awards are in recognition of FINNIX’s outstanding customer experience on advanced digital lending that truly understands customer behaviors and the needs of those with low incomes. MONIX is confident it will see its loan portfolio growth double last year’s figure.    

Ms. Thiranun Arunwattanakul, Chief Operating Officer of MONIX, said, “The two global awards reflect our clear and aspiring vision to extend financial inclusivity to over 36 million people in Thailand by providing them with access to legitimate and fair loans. We aim to develop the FINNIX app to offer the most convenient and secure user experience based on a set of requirements including, “to best facilitate customers and minimize the fuss.” We have learned and understood customer pain points through a hard-working journey and trial and error to simplify the credit application process and reduce the data required for loan applications as much as possible. As a result, our customers can apply for a loan and get disburse the cash to their account in just five minutes on the FINNIX app. Another proof of the app’s success is over 6 million downloads and an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5.”

The Best Fintech For Digital CX – Personal Finance award reflects the successful FINNIX app development. The app offers 24/7 nano-finance loans with a 100% digital lending process from loan application to approval and disbursement in just five minutes, and no need for supporting documents, guarantor, or collateral.

 The Best CX Business Model highlights the success of over 700% growth in lending figures and 230% growth in loan accounts year-on-year and an NPL ratio capped at a one-digit figure despite high market risk and volatility.

“Our customers can choose a repayment option that suits their lifestyle. And we have a rewarding system for customers who maintain their financial discipline and credit well. Further to the best customer experience, our cutting-edge and powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) enable the FINNIX app’s precise customer quality screening and risk assessment for both new and existing customers. These are the FINNIX app’s strength. At present, our total lending amount is some 10 billion baht, and we aim to see loan portfolio growth double last year’s figure through new products, campaigns with our business partners, as well as providing our customers with financial literacy program so that they can sustain their financial stability.” Ms. Arunwattanakul added. 

The Digital CX Awards 2022 was organized by The Digital Banker, a globally trusted news, business intelligence, and research provider for the worldwide financial services sector. The program recognizes pioneering innovations in the digital customer experience across the global financial service ecosystem and assesses how financial service providers, including FinTechs, are creating new business models through the lens of FinTech and transforming the customer journey to the future financial world.

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