Revolut Singapore customers can now access their accounts via an online Web App

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Revolut, the leading financial superapp, has launched its online Web App to over 13 million customers in the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and the United States. Customers can now safely access their accounts from a browser on desktop or laptop, in addition to the smartphone app.

Whether a customer has lost their phone or card, had them stolen, or simply prefers to check their account from a computer, the Revolut Web App provides them with the flexibility and security they need when it comes to their money.

Customers can securely sign in to the Revolut Web App, protected by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and then have a complete overview of their Revolut account, transaction history and cards. They can also freeze/unfreeze their cards, block/unblock their PIN and toggle all other card security settings on or off in a few clicks.

Customers can now top up their account via bank transfer, debit or credit card, and Apple Pay (where available, using Safari), directly from the Revolut Web App. In case customers have any questions or issues they can contact support agents via web chat and access FAQs.

Nik Storonsky, CEO and Founder at Revolut said: “Account access through a browser is highly requested by our customers, so we’re delighted to have built a safe and convenient web app that everyone can use when they need it. Our customers can now access their money anywhere and at any time, even if they don’t have their phone or card, or if they simply prefer checking their account from a computer. It’s great to have the extra convenience and flexibility of an online option.”

To access the Web App, customers can simply visit Revolut’s secure online login page at https://app.revolut.com/start , enter their mobile phone number, and follow the instructions on the screen. Other authentication methods will appear after 20 seconds.

Whether topping up their account or seeking help from customer support, Revolut customers don’t need to wait on hold or stand in line at a branch. If they are ever parted with their phone or Revolut card, the Revolut Web App can help them quickly get back to normal, without any hassle.

Customers who are sent an invitation to use the web app should always check the web address they are being directed to. The web app address that will only ever use is: https://app.revolut.com/start


  • Web App provides customers with a complete overview of their Revolut accounts, transaction histories, and the cards they hold
  • Customers can also use the Web App to top up their account and contact customer support
  • A useful tool for those whose phone or card has been lost or stolen, or those who prefer to check their account from a desktop or a laptop


Revolut – The app for all things money 

Revolut gives customers the power to spend, transfer, and control their money without ridiculous bank charges. Together, the Revolut app and contactless payment card let our customers have a frictionless experience when it comes to using and managing their money at home or on a holiday. We are Europe’s fastest growing FinTech with a valuation of US$5.5 billion and our incredible technology has enabled us to grow at a rate of 30,000 users a day. With social features such as Gifting, Rewards, Bill Splitting, Group Vaults and Donations, Revolut adapts to your lifestyle and goes beyond being just a multi currency travel card. Whether you’re running a business or running out for pizza, Revolut is building a super app to help you get more out of your money.

On 8 December 2020, CEO and co-founder Nik Storonsky told CNBC that Revolut broke even in November and revenue is now 50% ahead compared to pre-pandemic levels.

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