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Revolut markets band together to support cancer charities  this World Cancer Day

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  • Revolut  commemorates  World  Cancer  Day  by  driving  support  in-app  for  cancer  charities around the world
  • In  2020,  Revolut  customers  globally contributed almost S$6.5 million in donations through the app
  • In Singapore, Revolut is a proud sponsor of Relay for Life 2021 and will be fielding a team to complete a 100km race

Each  year,  10  million  people  die  from  cancer. By 2030, experts  project cancer deaths to rise to 13 million. With the appropriate strategies, we can save up to 3.7  million  lives every year. In light of these sobering statistics, Revolut will be encouraging its  customers to make a donation to cancer charities this World Cancer Day.

Using Revolut’s Donations product feature in the app, over 13 million customers worldwide will be able to round up their card payments and donate to a cancer charity in-app. Customers also have  the  option  to  make  a  one-off  donation  or  set  up  recurring  contributions,  which  can  be  terminated at any time in the app. Unlike traditional fundraising platforms, Revolut does not charge  its  customers  or  the  charities  a  fee  for  the  donations.  100  percent  of  the  donations  collected from Revolut customers through the app goes to the charities.

In Singapore, Revolut has stepped up to sponsor Singapore Cancer Society’s Relay for Life 2021 – a  virtual  fundraiser  aimed  at  celebrating  the  lives  of  those  who  have  battled  the  terrible disease. Revolutwill also be fielding a team in Relay For Life 2021 where collectively, Revolut Singapore’s employees will complete a 100km race by running, biking, or swimming.

James Shanahan, CEO of Revolut Singapore says: 

“In  Singapore,  39  people  are  diagnosed  with  cancer  every  day.  Although  extraordinary  breakthroughs have been made in the area of cancer research, inequities exist and we must support  organisations  that  are  working  tirelessly to ensure equal access to cancer prevention,  treatment, and care. The Singapore Cancer Society’s work ensures that no one has to fight cancer alone and Revolut is proud to support them in their work.”

Albert Ching, CEO of Singapore Cancer Society, says: 

“We  at  the  Singapore  Cancer  Society  (SCS)  strive  to  provide  the  cancer  community  with  a  meaningful and hopeful life through many enriching programmes and services. The generosity from Revolut Singapore will help SCS drive the programmes and services that improve the lives of  countless  beneficiaries.  SCS  appreciates  Revolut  Singapore  for  being  a  part  of  our  cancer  journey, showing solidarity and unwavering support for the cause. We look forward to working more closely with dedicated partners such as Revolut.”


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