Exec: Goldman is competing with Silicon Valley giants for tech talent

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In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to digital banking, fintech and high-performance banking leaders. This remarkable piece by Ari Levy published on CNBC reports that “George Lee, co-chief information officer at Goldman Sachs, said the bank now has 10,000 developers, making up about one-quarter of its employee base.” Read on.

“Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs is increasingly going head-to-head with the biggest tech companies for talent as it rapidly boosts its engineering talent, said George Lee, the bank’s co-Chief Investment Officer.

Speaking onstage at Goldman’s Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, Lee said that the investment bank now has 10,000 developers, making up about one-quarter of its total workforce. They’re joining from all over the world, but Lee said that the heftiest competition is coming from the likes of AmazonMicrosoftGoogle and Facebook.

“The trend is very much toward technology companies,” Lee said, when asked about the source of the bank’s engineering staff. “We need to compete at that level.”

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