Kalkine Pty Limited To Launch its ‘Australian Equity Technical Analysis Report’

SYDNEY, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kalkine Pty Limited is pleased to announce the launch of a new technical analysis-driven research product ‘Technical Analysis Report’. This report aims to evaluate equity opportunities in consideration of sufficient risk-appetite and financial flexibility, and returns expected over a short timespan.

What Should be an Appropriate Stock Picking Strategy? Should One Buy Now or Wait for Better Results or Lower Valuations? These are some of the vital questions looming in the mind of prudent investors!

Stock markets often depend on the sentiments of market participants and the two prominent emotions include greed and fear. Evolving fundamentals and macroeconomic factors like GDP, socio-political stability, inflation, interest rates, etc. also influence stock prices. Technical analysis is one of the two main schools of market-analysis used to assess the price direction based on an identifiable price-pattern.

Over the past one-year, ASX All Ordinaries yielded a 0.77% return (till November 25, 2020, from Refinitiv); therefore, a technical analysis report developed after deep-research and backtesting by qualified experts might be helpful to benefit from price trends gauged.

Considering above, Kalkine’s Technical Analysis Report Offers:

  1. Extensive Technical Research: This report is based on a thorough technical analysis using price action, support, resistance, candlestick patterns, relative strength index, moving averages, etc.
  2. Swing Trading Opportunity:  By virtue of seizing short to medium-term gains, swing trading can provide an edge over fundamental analysis.
  3. Insights on Leading Sectors: ASX-listed stocks from leading sectors including FinTech, Telecom, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, E-Commerce, etc. are covered to gain from trending themes.
  4. High-Volume Stocks Coverage: Kalkine’s report covers stocks with above-average volumes showcasing the decent returns potential as they are generally more liquid and help easy execution of trades.
  5. Insights on Risk-Reward Scenario: Investors can weigh the prospective reward for the risks undertaken in light of an entry-level, target prices, and pre-defined stop-loss.

In summary, Kalkine’s Technical Analysis report (which is easy to comprehend with actionable insights) aims to cover stocks after an overall assessment of the global indices, taking cues from the major global news.

Note: Trading decisions require a thorough analysis by investors while evaluating stocks. Kalkine’s publications are NOT a solicitation/recommendation to buy, sell or hold stock(s) of company/companies or engage in any investment activity under discussion.

Company Name: Kalkine Pty Ltd.
Media Contact: Ms. Honey Bhargava
Email-id: honey.bhargava@kalkine.com.au

Logo: https://mma.prnasia.com/media2/1341740/Kalkine_Logo.jpg?p=medium600


Why has the world’s largest free trade bloc formed in East Asia

BEIJING, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by China.org.cn on RCEP:

On Nov. 15, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or the RCEP, was signed over video link by the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and five regional partners, namely China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia and New Zealand. The 15 participating countries have a total population of 2.27 billion, with a combined GDP of $26 trillion and exports of nearly $5.2 trillion.

The signing of the RCEP will create the world’s largest free trade bloc. But why has it come into existence in East Asia?

The 21st century has witnessed the collective rise of Asian, especially East Asian economies. With ASEAN at the center, the 10+1 and 10+3 cooperation mechanisms were established by East Asian countries. As a result, the “spaghetti bowl” phenomenon undermined the effectiveness of their respective free trade agreements. More importantly, East Asia, with a well-established production network and active regional trade, lacked an overall free trade agreement. This prompted countries in the region to start negotiating just such an agreement.

In addition, the resurgence of unilateralism and trade protectionism over recent years have greatly disrupted regional trade in East Asia. Under the impact of COVID-19, industrial and supply chains in the region broke down for a time, negatively impacting its sustainable economic development. To address the challenges, the 15 countries accelerated RCEP negotiations.

The RCEP also represents a breakthrough in trade relations between China and Japan. Although the volume of bilateral trade exceeds $300 billion, the two countries had no free trade deal between each other. The signing of the RCEP has therefore laid a strong foundation for trade and investment liberalization and facilitation between China and Japan.

The RCEP is a win-win agreement embraced by all member countries to safeguard their respective national interests. Despite uncertainties in the future, there is reason enough to believe that the world’s largest free trade deal will be fully implemented in East Asia as scheduled, thereby promoting a complete regional and global economic recovery.

China Mosaic
Why has the world’s largest free trade bloc formed in East Asia?


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BlueVisor Takes Second Place in Fintech Unicorn Battle in Asia

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BlueVisor, a member company of Born2Global Centre, placed second in the latest Fintech Unicorn Battle in Asia, receiving recognition for its technological prowess and business viability.

The Fintech Unicorn Battle in Asia is a global pitch competition organized by Startup.Network. It provides an opportunity for investors to discover competitive startups and an opportunity for such startups to attract investment and enable their global growth.

The competition was divided into four categories: fintech, AI, healthtech, and other technologies. Over 1,800 companies from 125 countries around the world participated, and about 200 advanced to the main competition.

Selected as one of the top 10 companies in the fintech category, BlueVisor presented its plan to the judges and addressed their questions in the final round, which was streamed online. Over 40 investors from R3i Ventures and other companies participated as judges.

BlueVisor introduced a proposal for its flagship item HIGHBUFF, an AI asset management platform, which was highly rated for its concept, potential market, and competitiveness by judges. It won second place in the overall vote.

Yong-guk Hwang, CEO of Bluevisor, and Seo-yeon Hong, CMO of Bluevisor, said, “Placing second in a competition for promising global technology companies in AI, IoT, fintech, logistics, and other areas, means that we’ve received international recognition for our technology and marketability. Through this competition, international investors now know BlueVisor, and we are now presented with opportunities to partner with other fintech and IT companies. We hope to develop into a global fintech company.”

In addition to the existing AI asset management platform HIGHBUFF, BlueVisor has launched HIGHBUFF Interview, an AI interview solution that allows objective interviews in the age of contact-free communication. Further, the company has developed I.EARN, an AI content management solution, and is working on marketing these solutions, which are establishing themselves in the industry as products that limit human risk and offer time-saving and other material benefits.

For more detailed information on Bluevisor, visit https://bluevisor.kr/eng/  and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.entrusta.www.eng_hb&hl=da.

Media Contact

BlueVisor: yrkim@bluevisor.kr 
Born2Global Centre: jlee@born2global.com

lululab secures Series B funding led by Netmarble

CloudBolt Announces $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Insight Partners

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — lululab, a member company of Born2Global Centre, has successfully attracted Series B funding from Netmarble, Korea’s leading game developer, as well as from other companies.

In addition to Netmarble, the firms L&C Bio, Global Medical Research Center, and CTK Investment are participating in this Series B funding, the amount of which has not been disclosed.

Netmarble has financially supported various venture-backed AI companies. Through such collaboration, lululab will synergize with Netmarble’s AI technology while continuing to cooperation with Netmarble’s affiliate company Coway in the home wellness appliance industry. In addition, lululab has been expanding its business, signing an MOU in October with co-investor L&C Bio for the development of a new platform. 

lululab has developed the AI skincare assistant LUMINI, which scans users’ faces, analyzes skin conditions, and recommends skincare products tailored to specific skin profiles within 10 seconds. Recently the company launched the LUMINI Kiosk, a smart mirror that provides customized skincare services. As the first of its kind in the beauty industry, it employs AI technology based on multinational and multiracial skin data to analyze the skin and provide recommend products that are optimized for individual skin needs.  

Yongjoon Choe, CEO of lululab, said, “We will accelerate the distribution of AI-based, contact-free beauty solutions,” he added. “With this investment, we plan to expand our business in the skin analysis and beauty sectors and to evolve into a provider of solutions for skin-related conditions and diseases.

lululab is being recognized internationally for its value in bringing the use of actual skin data to the beauty industry. As a consequence, it was named the CES Innovation Awards Honoree for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020, as well as the winner of the LVMH Innovation Awards by the French multinational conglomerate LVMH.

For more detailed information on luulab, visit http://www.lulu-lab.com/en/.

About lululab

A fast-growing beauty AI startup lululab is a spin-off of C-Lab, the in-house venture company program of Samsung Electronics in 2017. lululab has been developing the “LUMINI”, which scan and analyze a person’s facial skin. LUMINI was named a CES 2019 Innovation Awareds Honoree in the biotech category for its novel use of skin data in the beauty industry and was selected as one of the Winners of Cosmoprof Awards Asia in the skincare category at COSMOPROF ASIA 2018. Also, this solution was prestigious worldwide design awards including iF DESIGN AWARDRed Dot Design Award in 2018.

About Born2Global Centre

Born2Global Centre is a full-cycle service platform for global expansion. Since inception in 2013, Born2Global has been setting the standard for successful startup ecosystem as the main Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Born2Global has expanded and transformed startups to be engaged, equipped and be connected with the global market. Follow our work at www.born2global.com or find us at Facebook and LinkedIn.

Media Contact

lululab: yl.kwon@lulu-lab.com
Born2Global Centre: jlee@born2global.com

AGBA Acquisition Limited Entered Into A Non-Binding Term Sheet For A Potential Acquisition Of The Platform Business Of Convoy

HONG KONG, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AGBA Acquisition Limited (NASDAQ: AGBA, AGBAU, AGBAW, AGBAR) (“AGBA”), a special purpose acquisition company, announced today that it entered into a non-binding term sheet (the “Term Sheet”) for a business combination with certain businesses that are currently part of Convoy Global Holdings Limited (“Convoy” or the “Company”), a Hong Kong-listed diversified financial holding company on November 25, 2020. These business include Convoy’s independent financial advisory business (the “IFA Business”) and its platform businesses, which include B2B, FinTech, Retail and Healthcare platforms (the “Platform Business”).

Under the contemplated transaction, AGBA will acquire from Convoy 100% of the Platform Business and take a 30% shareholding in the IFA Business. In exchange, Convoy or its affiliate will receive (i) 30,000,000 newly issued shares of the post-combined company, with a deemed price per share of $10.00 plus (ii) US$100 million in cash, for an aggregate consideration of approximately US$400 million (the “Transaction”). Upon closing of Transaction, AGBA plans to remain NASDAQ-listed and trade under a new ticker symbol.

Convoy’s IFA Business

The IFA Business provides advice and sells a full range of financial services products from long-term life insurance, savings to mortgages to local and foreign retail customers. With more than 400,000 customers and 2,300 financial advisors as of October 31, 2020, it is one of the largest IFA businesses in Hong Kong.

Convoy’s Platform Business

The Platform Business was set up to capitalize on significant growth opportunities in Hong Kong and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. It consists of a portfolio of platform businesses encompassing B2B, FinTech, Healthcare and Retail platforms. Each of these platforms is distinct from, but complementary to the other platform’s operations. The Platform Business has grown rapidly in scale, value and customer base, supported by high-quality product intelligence, operational and technological infrastructures.

The IFA Business and the Platform Business are currently regulated by applicable agencies such as the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, the Insurance Authority and the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority.

The current management teams are expected to continue to run the IFA Business and the Platform Business after the Transaction. 

Loeb & Loeb LLP is acting as the legal advisor to AGBA. DLA Piper is acting as the legal advisor to Convoy.

About Convoy

Founded in 1993, Convoy is a diversified financial institution based in Hong Kong. With close to 30 years of operating track record serving a large base of retail customers, Convoy is reputable and well recognized in the Hong Kong retail financial services industry.

About AGBA Acquisition Limited

AGBA Acquisition Limited is a British Virgin Islands company incorporated as a blank check company for the purpose of entering into a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, recapitalization, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses or entities. AGBA’s efforts to identify a prospective target business will not be limited to a particular industry or geographic region, although AGBA intended to focus on operating businesses in healthcare, education, entertainment and financial services sectors that have their principal operations in China.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain of the statements made in this press release contains certain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, both as amended. Statements that are not historical facts, including statements about the potential transactions among AGBA and Convoy and the transactions contemplated thereby, and the parties’ perspectives and expectations, are forward-looking statements. Such statements include, but are not limited to, statements regarding the proposed transaction, including the anticipated initial enterprise value and post-closing equity value, the benefits of the proposed transaction, integration plans, expected synergies and revenue opportunities, anticipated future financial and operating performance and results, including estimates for growth, the expected management and governance of the combined company, and the expected timing of the transactions. The words “expect,” “believe,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan” and similar expressions indicate forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to various risks and uncertainties, assumptions (including assumptions about general economic, market, industry and operational factors), known or unknown, which could cause the actual results to vary materially from those indicated or anticipated.

Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: (i) risks related to the expected timing and likelihood of entering into and completion of the pending transaction, including the risk that the potential transaction may not close due to one or more pre-conditions to the transaction not being satisfied or waived, such as regulatory approvals not being obtained, on a timely basis or otherwise, or that a governmental entity prohibited, delayed or refused to grant approval for entering into or the consummation of this proposed transaction or required certain conditions, limitations or restrictions in connection with such approvals; (ii) risks related to the ability of AGBA and Convoy to successfully integrate the businesses; (iii) the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstances that could give rise to the termination of the applicable transaction agreements; (iv) the risk that there may be a material adverse change with respect to the financial position, performance, operations or prospects of Convoy or AGBA; (v) risks related to disruption of management time from ongoing business operations due to the proposed transaction; (vi) the risk that any announcements relating to the proposed transaction could have adverse effects on the market price of AGBA’s securities; (vii) the risk that the proposed transaction and its announcement could have an adverse effect on the ability of Convoy and AGBA to retain customers and retain and hire key personnel and maintain relationships with their suppliers and customers and on their operating results and businesses generally; (viii) the risk that the combined company may be unable to achieve cost-cutting synergies or it may take longer than expected to achieve those synergies; and (ix) risks associated with the financing of the proposed transaction. A further list and description of risks and uncertainties can be found in AGBA’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019 filed with the SEC, in AGBA’s quarterly reports on Form 10-Q filed with the SEC subsequent thereto and in the business combination agreement to entered by the parties and proxy statement that will be filed with the SEC by the AGBA in connection with the proposed transactions, and other documents that the parties may file or furnish with the SEC, which you are encouraged to read. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those indicated or anticipated by such forward-looking statements. Accordingly, you are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements relate only to the date they were made, and AGBA, Convoy, and their subsidiaries undertake no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date they were made except as required by law or applicable regulation.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

In connection with the transaction described herein, AGBA will file a Current Report on Form 8-K if a definitive business combination agreement is signed and a preliminary proxy statement, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) and AGBA will file additional relevant materials with SEC. A proxy statement and a proxy card will be mailed to AGBA’s shareholders as of a record date to be established for voting at the shareholders’ meeting relating to the proposed transactions. Shareholders will also be able to obtain a copy of the proxy statement without charge from AGBA. The proxy statement, once available, may also be obtained without charge at the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov or by writing to AGBA at Room 1108, 11th Floor, Block B, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Participants in Solicitation

AGBA, Convoy, certain shareholders of AGBA, and their respective directors, executive officers and employees and other persons may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from the holders of AGBA ordinary shares in respect of the proposed transaction. Information about AGBA’s directors and executive officers and their ownership of AGBA’s ordinary shares is set forth in AGBA’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2019 filed with the SEC. Other information regarding the interests of the participants in the proxy solicitation will be included in the proxy statement pertaining to the proposed transaction when it becomes available. These documents can be obtained free of charge from the sources indicated above.

Eluminex Biosciences, an Ophthalmology-Focused Biotechnology Company, Announces Closing of $50 Million Series A Financing

  • Proceeds to fund development of novel and best-in-class therapeutics for eye diseases
  • Charles Semba, MD, joins the company to serve as Chief Medical Officer

SHANGHAI, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eluminex Biosciences Limited (Eluminex), an ophthalmic biotechnology company committed to the discovery and development of first-in-class and/or best-in-class therapies, today announced the completion of a $50 million (USD) Series A Financing co-led by Lilly Asia Ventures, GL Ventures (venture capital arm of Hillhouse Capital), and Quan Capital. The Eluminex headquarters and research and development center are located in Suzhou Industrial Park; the business center is based in Shanghai, and future plans include establishing a global clinical and registration center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We greatly appreciate the profound level of support and trust from three global investors,” said Jinzhong Zhang, PhD, Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. “With these proceeds, our goal is to build an innovative pipeline addressing critical unmet medical needs in vision-threatening diseases for patients worldwide. Additionally, we are pleased to have three world-renowned professors of ophthalmology as members of our Scientific Advisory Board: Quan Dong Nguyen, MD, MSc (Stanford University), Zuguo Liu, MD, PhD (Xiamen University), and Xiaodong Sun, MD, PhD (Shanghai Jiao Tong University). We are grateful for their significant contributions in helping us develop our pipeline programs.”

The company also announced that Charles Semba, MD, has joined Eluminex as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Semba is an internationally recognized leader in ophthalmic drug development. He has served as CMO in three prior ophthalmic companies: SARcode Bioscience (acquired by Shire/Takeda), ForSight VISION5 (acquired by Allergan), and Graybug Vision (NASDAQ: GRAY). He has held senior leadership roles as Vice President Ophthalmic Medicine at Shire/Takeda and Ophthalmology Group Head at Genentech. Dr. Semba led the clinical development of ranibizumab (LUCENTIS®), the first global blockbuster anti-VEGF agent to reverse blindness in wet age-related macular degeneration and lifitegrast (XIIDRA®), the first novel agent for the treatment of both signs and symptoms of dry eye disease; XIIDRA® was acquired by Novartis for over $5 billion (USD).

Regarding the success of this financing, all parties have expressed their confidence and expectations for the new company. “Closing Series A financing is indeed a major milestone. The leadership at Eluminex should be congratulated for this impressive achievement amidst current global events,” commented Dr. Nguyen, Professor of Ophthalmology at the Byers Eye Institute, Stanford University. “Such financial success and security demonstrate the trusts that the company has earned from the investment community in Eluminex’s research and development therapeutic plans to preserve and enhance vision for patients with devastating ocular diseases worldwide.”

“Driven by an aging population and overuse of eyes in various ages, the ophthalmic market is seeing huge unmet needs for new products. The team’s solid track record and rich experience in ophthalmic drug development enables the company to develop innovative therapies not only for China but also for the global market. We are thrilled and honored to join hands with this seasoned team and partner with the reputable investors from the very beginning,” said Stephen Lin, Partner at Lilly Asia Ventures.

“The founding team of Eluminex Biosciences has rich experience in drug development and innovation with great potential in the future. Hillhouse will help Eluminex continue to innovate, research and develop leading ophthalmic disease treatment drugs, meeting the needs of a large number of patients, and continue to create social well-being,” said Michael Yi, Partner and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Hillhouse Capital Group.

“Quan Capital is committed to foster innovation and bring new solutions to patients with great unmet needs. We are pleased to co-lead the Series A round of Eluminex and are truly impressed by the stellar management team,” said Marietta Wu, Managing Director of Quan Capital. “We believe this team of seasoned industry veterans both globally and in China will build a leader in ophthalmology with accelerated development of novel therapeutics. Quan looks forward to working closely with the team and contributing our local resources and global networks.”

About Eluminex Biosciences

Eluminex was established in February 2020 with the commitment to leading the development of novel therapeutics for the benefit of patients with vision-threatening eye diseases worldwide. Co-Founders, Dr. Jinzhong Zhang and Dr. Zhenze John Hu, have assembled a top tier management team with significant ophthalmic drug development experience, aiming to build a robust and sustainable innovative ophthalmic pipeline to tackle the unmet clinical needs. For detailed information contact Zhenze John Hu at john.hu@eluminexbio.com

About Lilly Ventures Asia

Lilly Asia Ventures (LAV) is a leading biomedical venture capital firm founded in 2008, with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Menlo Park. LAV’s vision is to become the trusted partner for exceptional entrepreneurs seeking smart capital and to build great companies developing breakthrough products that can treat diseases and improve human health. For more information, visit www.lillyasiaventures.com.   

About GL Ventures

GL Ventures focuses on early-stage innovative companies in healthcare, software services, consumer Internet, emerging consumer brands and services. The GL Ventures team is passionate about partnering with visionary entrepreneurs to create industry leaders that stand the test of time. GL Ventures is the early stage affiliate of Hillhouse Capital, and we have been investing with innovators across the world since 2005. We were one of the earliest investors into some of the largest global companies today, including BeiGene, Zoom, Meituan, JD, Woowa Brothers and many more.

About Quan Capital

Quan Capital (Quan) is a life sciences venture capital firm with strong China expertise and global capabilities. Quan discovers, incubates, and grows next-generation life science companies in early and growth stage, worldwide. Their portfolio companies pioneer differentiated therapies and enabling technologies to address major human diseases with high unmet medical needs. With offices in Shanghai, Palo Alto and Boston, Quan’s investment professionals combine their strong expertise in both science and business with their diverse experiences in global drug development and healthcare investments, and leverage their broad network worldwide to help maximize the company’s value across geographies and development stages. For more information, visit www.quancapital.com.

Sanne promotes Country Head in Mauritius

ST HELIER, Jersey, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sanne, a leading global provider of alternative asset and corporate business services, has promoted Rubina Toorawa from Chief Operating Officer, Mauritius to the role of Country Head, Mauritius.

Rubina Toorawa, Sanne’s new Country Head, Mauritius
Rubina Toorawa, Sanne’s new Country Head, Mauritius

In her role, Rubina will have oversight of the Mauritius operations, including the group’s business outsourcing leadership teams and business development function. Rubina will be taking over from Peter Nagle as he transitions to a newly created role as Managing Director, Global Head of Client Growth.

On the appointment, Rubina commented, “I am humbled by the opportunity to lead such a dynamic, focused and energised team. We have a strong business proposition and I look forward to working with our clients and partners to better align client services. Our valued clients and staff will always remain my top priority.”

Mauritius, located between Asia and Africa, has evolved into an International Financial Centre of Excellence and high repute. With its reputable and strong regulatory framework, alongside a sophisticated banking platform, the island offers businesses an attractive hub to offer clients an extensive range of financial services. With ISAE 3402 (Type II) accreditation, Sanne has successfully integrated robust processes and controls within its operational model to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient solutions with great integrity and precision for detail.

Photo – https://mma.prnasia.com/media2/1343439/rubina_toorawa.jpg?p=medium600
Logo – https://mma.prnasia.com/media2/1343440/Sanne_Logo.jpg?p=medium600

Australia Crypto Exchange Swyftx (PRNewsFoto/Swyftx)

Swyftx’s Australian Black Friday Giveaway is Handing Out Crypto and a Ledger Wallet

SYDNEY, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Australia’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange by total trading volume, Swyftx, is hosting a Black Friday Giveaway to distribute free crypto and a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet to further demonstrate the crypto exchange’s commitment to creating a secure community and expressing gratitude to its users. 

Australia Crypto Exchange Swyftx (PRNewsFoto/Swyftx)
Australia Crypto Exchange Swyftx (PRNewsFoto/Swyftx)

Swyftx CEO, Alex Harper, who grew the company from $10M in monthly transactions to $100M during the 2018 bear run with his co-founder Angus Goldman, said that the company is doing the Australia Black Friday Giveaway for Crypto because of how grateful he is to the community. Harper jumps on any opportunity he gets to give back value to the dedicated users who love Swyftx

“We are fortunate to have users who trust us. We have the highest ranking on TrustPilot over any other exchange within Australia and New Zealand with 4.8/5 stars across over 700 reviews. Our community believes in our product and trusts in the company’s vision of enabling fast, simple and affordable ways to buy, sell and trade crypto for everyone,” Harper said. 

Details of Swyftx’s Australia Black Friday Giveaway with Crypto & Ledger: 

There will be one winner for the first two prizes and 2 runner ups for the BTC and ETH. 

  • (1 winner) The $1000AUD of assorted crypto 
  • (1 winner) Ledger Nano X 
  • (2 Runners Up) $500AUD ($250AUD in BTC and $250AUD in ETH)
  • Personalised Account Manager to set up your crypto on your ledger.

Other digital assets include: 

  • $300AUD worth of BTC 
  • $250AUD worth of ETH 
  • $150AUD worth of LINK 
  • $150AUD worth of DOT 
  • $150AUD worth of XTZ 

How to Enter: 

  1. Head over to our Gleam Competition: https://swyftx.app/black-friday-2020 
  2. Complete any number of steps to earn up to a maximum of 15 entries;
  3. Competition closes at 11:59PM AEST on the 29th of November 2020;
  4. Winner drawn on the 30th of November 2020.

About Swyftx
Swyftx is Australia’s most trusted and progressive cryptocurrency trading platform. It implements layered security, instant verification, best prices and live chat support. In 2019, Swyftx has grown 1100% to over $120Min monthly trading volume. Since then, Swyftx has grown to over 40,000 users and is planning to go international by 2021. 

Here is a link to the exchange’s website: https://swyftx.com.au


Photo – https://mma.prnasia.com/media2/1342739/swyftx_black_friday_giveaway.jpg?p=medium600

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Vestas wins 328 MW order for two wind projects in Australia

SINGAPORE, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In partnership with Global Power Generation, a subsidiary of the multinational power company Naturgy Group, Vestas has secured a 328 MW deal for two wind projects in Victoria, Australia. The order includes supply and installation of 52 V136-4.2 MW wind turbines for the Ryan Corner Wind Farm as well as the engineering, procurement and construction of 26 V136-4.2 MW wind turbines for the second stage of Berrybank Wind Farm. 

Both projects mark an important step towards building smarter, more liveable and emissions-free cities. In addition to this, the second stage of Berrybank Wind Farm is one of the successful projects under the Australian Capital Territory’s 2019-20 renewable energy auction and will be Vestas’ fifth Australian project to be initiated through a government renewable energy auction scheme.

Upon completion, Vestas will commence a 15-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement for both projects. With an energy-based availability guarantee, the service agreements will maximise energy production and provide Global Power Generation with long-term business case certainty.

“We are proud that customers from all around the world turn to Vestas for our leading technology, market experience, broad service solutions and ultimately, the best return on investment for their wind project”, said Clive Turton, President of Vestas Asia Pacific. Global Power Generation is a valued customer to Vestas globally and we look forward to building upon our existing partnership”.

“As a successful previous partner of the Australian Capital Territory’s renewable energy auction, Vestas is pleased to deliver stage two of Berrybank Wind Farm and support the ACT’s vision for a sustainable future”, said Peter Cowling, Head of Vestas Australia and New Zealand. “Vestas is the largest installer and maintainer of wind generators in Australia. Our 327 MW partnership with Global Power Generation reinforces our commitment to Australia’s clean energy transition”.

“Global Power Generation is pleased to continue its partnership with Vestas as OEM of choice, and long-term maintenance service provider for Ryan Corner and Berrybank wind farms stage one and two”, said Pedro Serrano, Chief Business Development Officer, Global Power Generation.

The two projects are set to provide clean energy to approximately 120,000 homes. In addition, the projects will create almost 500 jobs during their construction.

Delivery of the turbines for both projects is expected to occur in the third quarter of 2021, with commissioning scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.

About Vestas

Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. We design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and with more than 122 GW of wind turbines in 82 countries, we have installed more wind power than anyone else. Through our industry-leading smart data capabilities and unparalleled more than 108 GW of wind turbines under service, we use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions. Together with our customers, Vestas’ more than 25,500 employees are bringing the world sustainable energy solutions to power a bright future.

For updated Vestas photographs and videos, please visit our media images page on:

We invite you to learn more about Vestas by visiting our website at www.vestas.com and follow us on our social media channels:

About Global Power Generation (Naturgy Group)

Global Power Generation (GPG) is the Naturgy Energy Group’s subsidiary dedicated to international power generation, which is 25% owned by the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), the oldest sovereign fund in the world. KIA’s interest in GPG is managed by the KIA’s direct infrastructure platform, Wren House Infrastructure Management. GPG manages a total installed capacity of 4,100 MW and employs around 800 people worldwide. We are backed by a great variety of projects that we have developed in different countries around the world and our best resource is the experience and know-how of our team. We bring an owner-orientated approach to each of our projects and primarily focus on long-term projects. We are a company dedicated to the environment, health, safety and the community.

For further information about Naturgy, GPG and GPG Australia, please visit our websites on:

We also invite you to visit our mother company´s social media channels:


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Ossen Innovation Announces Results of 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

SHANGHAI, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ossen Innovation Co., Ltd. (“Ossen” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: OSN), a China-based manufacturer of an array of plain surface, rare earth and zinc coated pre-stressed steel materials, today announced the completion of its 2020 annual general meeting of shareholders which was held on November 23, 2020 at the Company’s headquarters located at 518 Shangcheng Road, Floor 17, Shanghai, China.

Shareholder voting outcomes from the annual general meeting resulted in the re-election of Dr. Liang Tang, Mr. Wei Hua, Mr. Junhong Li, Ms. Yingli Pan, and Mr. Zhongcai Wu to Ossen’s Board of Directors. BDO China Shu Lun Pan Certified Public Accountants LLP was also re-appointed as the Company’s independent registered accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020.

About Ossen Innovation Co., Ltd.

Ossen Innovation Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells a wide variety of plain surface pre-stressed steel materials and rare earth coated and zinc coated pre-stressed steel materials. The Company’s products are mainly used in the construction of bridges, as well as in highways and other infrastructure projects. Ossen has two manufacturing facilities located in Maanshan, Anhui Province, and Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province.

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